Our mission is to establish a
sustainable supply chain.


Our vision is to provide “heart-felt” products with individually unique stories in a sustainable, efficient manner. To achieve this, we believe it is essential to achieve the right balance across the entire supply chain through the power of our passionate team and strong partnership.
By finding this long-term, sustainable “harmony” in the supply chain, we will continue to give back to society.


  • Our utmost priority in improving the supply chain is to ensure the business is sustainable from our producers’, consumers’, and environmental point of view, beyond simply seeking for profit.
  • We passionately challenge ourselves to minimize any loss in the supply chain.
  • We proactively leverage the most cutting-edge technology to solve any problem. However, we always remember to listen and do our best to meet the needs of those involved in the supply chain.
  • We commit to become a company with pride. We act upon strong ethics and integrity, and give back to society. This requires each employee’s integrity, trust, knowledge, skills, and inspiration. Thus, we create an environment where employees can collaborate and create synergy.

Message from our CEO

We are a company committed to improve product distribution, solve disposal problems, and sustain high quality and stability through the power of supply chain optimization.
We wish to improve people’s lives by reevaluating how products move in our everyday life, leveraging new technologies, innovative ideas, and our love for the products we offer.


CEO Takekazu Yamashita


代表者名山下 貴史